Monday, February 13, 2012

Sari {Blackfoot Child Photography}

Most moms you know probably dread the 2 year old stage...Terrible Twos!! I am not much different when it comes to my own kids at home, but I happen to LOVE photographing 2 year old kids. It's different every time. Some are too shy, some are too busy, others will sit quietly and never move. But every opportunity I have to do a session for a 2 year old, I come away laughing. And every time we manage to get some really great shots. No, they are generally not nicely posed, perfect smiles, etc. But they do one thing those "perfect" shots don't do...they show the personality of the child at that age perfectly. And that's one of my favorite things about my job.

Sari was no different. She was far too interested in the toys around her or the movie we put on in an attempt to keep her in the room. Basically, she was interested in anything other than her auntie behind the camera. And she is certainly a child of the 21st century...perfectly content with a video game in her hands. :-) So take a look at some of the goofy, grumpy, and mischievous moods of Miss Sari!


Sari's big brother, Sayer, tried to show her how it was done. :-)
Football, anyone?

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Tricia said...

Great job Kandice!