Friday, February 28, 2014

Carmen - A Simple Texture {Idaho Falls Contemporary Glamour Photographer}

Most of my photo recipes to this point have been pretty complex, with multiple textures and veils. I kinda like to go hog wild when I have been given a little creative license. ;) This month I wanted to use my recipe to show you that veils can be a super simple and fast solution to a badly colored image.

This image of Carmen from our Contemporary Glamour Shoot Out was one of my favorites from the whole day. I love the clean, creamy look of it with her gorgeous red hair giving the image a little "pop". But if you look at the original (top) image, you can see that it has a bit of a dirty, gray cast to it. That odd color cast was a bugger to get rid of, and the only way I was able to manage it was with the use of a photo veil from Love That Shot's Otherworld Collection. I placed the veil with a Screen blending mode at 32% opacity. I LOVE the creamy color it gave the image, making everything look more like it does to the natural eye. As a little bonus, it even eliminated a bit of the shadow on her face!

What do you think? It's a subtle change, but sometimes the little things make all the difference! If you're looking for a quick and easy editing technique to add some character and polish to your image, head over to Love That Shot and take a look at their photo textures and veils, as well as their awesome workshops!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Kynzlie - Cake Smash {Idaho Falls Children Photographer}

Sweet little Kynzlie is one! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. This little darling made headlines on my page with her newborn session, and every session since has been just as  beautiful. She makes some of the best faces when we're doing her sessions. Her mama always dresses her in the sweetest little outfits, and her gorgeous blue eyes are to die for!

This was the best session yet, and the best cake smash we've had in awhile! There was not a shy bone in the girl's body when it came time to dig into her cake. She just picked the whole thing up and went to town! It was awesome!

Happy birthday, Miss Kynzlie!


Claire - 8 Months {Idaho Falls Menan Children's Photographer}

Claire is growing up so fast! This sweet little lady celebrated 8 months with me, and will soon be celebrating the big 0-1! :) Love her little cheesy grin.