What to Wear

One of the most commonly asked questions when booking a session is, "What should we wear?" While I can't really go out and pick up complete outfits for your whole family, I can give some guidance.

The trend of having the entire family wearing the exact same outfit has gone out the window, and with it the extreme cost and annoyance of finding matching shirts across a wide range of sizes and body types. Thank goodness! While the matching shirts is still an option, most people choose instead to have coordinating outfits. With this new trend of coordinating outfits, I have been able to set up our own family photos with the purchase of only an item or two (usually for me, because I never buy new stuff for me!), and the rest comes out of items we already have. This may help you get started.

I generally suggest choosing 3-4 colors, with at least one of them being a neutral. Each person does NOT have to be wearing all of these colors! Just make sure each color shows up in a couple places and it will look fantastic. Does that mean that those 3-4 colors are the only colors anyone can wear? Does denim or khaki have to be on the list just so everyone can have some pants? No, definitely not. Just choose the colors that you want to be seen, and all the rest will melt into the background.

The following guides are meant to be just that: a guide. I really don't expect anyone to go out and pick up these exact outfits. :-) But take a look at how these arrangements use accessories to bring different colors together. As always, feel free to ask if you have any questions, and I'm always willing to take a text photo of your outfits if you want to get some feedback! :-)

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