Friday, January 31, 2014

Katherine - A Photo Recipe {Idaho Falls Portrait Photographer}

Time for a new monthly photo recipe for Love That Shot! Textures are amazing and so versatile. They can completely change the look of an image, as you will soon see.

The image we're playing with today is one of my niece, Katie. We're playing around with building a modeling portfolio for her, so I wanted to get a little more creative than the normal portraits I usually take of this gorgeous girl.

Below is the original image. By itself, it's really quite pretty. We had a gorgeous blue sky and the colors were awesome.

Pretty girl, right? But, like I said, we wanted to get a little more creative, and we didn't have much time to do this during the shoot (not to mention it was FREEZING!), so that means I get to play around in Photoshop!

If you are someone with an interest in photography and Photoshop, and would like to learn more, textures, overlays and veils are super easy to play with. The first thing you need if you want to apply texture to your images is a great action to make the process easier. Can you do it without an action? Definitely. But it's a million times easier with a good action. Along with gorgeous textures, photo veils, and overlays, Love That Shot has an awesome texture application action!

I went a little crazy with the textures and overlays this time, and ended up with four layers before I was satisfied. :) Want to see the final image?

The textures applied were as follows: Elfin (Color Burn, 32%), Dragon (Darker Color, 50%), Wizard (Normal, 38%), & Prince Charming (Color Burn, 32%). All of these are from the Fairy Tales collection. The first three were applied to the sky only, while the last one was applied to the entire image.

What do you think? Worth the transformation? :) Head over to Love That Shot to see all their amazing products for photographers, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woods Wedding {Idaho Falls Photographer}

Jaren and Kyra were finally able to tie the knot! Their special day was shortly after Christmas, and they had tons of family and friends there to enjoy the experience with them. We spent a few minutes outside the temple taking pictures, but we had to work quick. For such a bright, sunny day, it sure was COLD!

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Woods!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Rylea - 9 Months {Idaho Falls Children Baby Photographer}

Everyone's favorite little pumpkin is back! This sweet girl is already 9 months old, and before we know it she'll be one! She came prepared for her shoot with lots of pretty little dresses, including her baptism dress and a special little necklace and bracelet. Even though she'll outgrow the dresses and the jewelry, she'll always have these photos of herself in them to remember this special time in her life. I love when parents bring their littles to me with items that have special meaning. It makes their session so much more unique and personal!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preston - 8 Months {Idaho Falls Blackfoot Children Baby Photographer}

My handsome little nephew is back, and he's already 8 months old! This little stud is going to have to model for me more often. He has the cutest little cheeks. And those ears! Haha! Okay...I'm a little biased. But he is pretty stinking awesome. His dad works for the railroad, so we had to play with that a bit. And of course, we have to include some football gear in  at least half of his sessions. This time it was his new Denver Broncos jersey. Sadly, we forgot his football. We ARE girls, afterall. ;) His daddy will be happy with those pics, but his grandpa will cover his eyes.  Take a look at handsome little Preston Mac!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Humphrey Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer}

This fun family was so awesome to brave the cold for their session. We met a few days after Christmas and hurried to get some good photos while they were all together for the holidays. These sweet big sisters certainly love their little brother! He was such a trooper! 


Friday, January 3, 2014

Friedel Family {Idaho Falls Family Photographer}

The Friedel family session was so much fun! They chose an indoor session to avoid the COLD weather, and it was such a good choice! We had fun wrangling the kids and watching the brothers...oh wait...that part wasn't as fun. ;) Take a look at this awesome family!