Friday, March 30, 2012

Kaili & Justin - Part 2 {Idaho Falls Engagement Photography}

After our first session in the cold wind, we decided to take another shot at engagement portraits for Kaili & Justin. We chose a beautiful day for it with warm weather, tons of sunshine, and a beautiful sunset! Since our session was in the few minutes before, during, and after sunset, we got a lot of silhouettes and much warmer colors than the first session.

If you haven't noticed before, Blogger has a new feature that can come in handy for a photography blog. If you click on any of the images below, it will open a photo viewer that gives a better look at each image. Try it and see what you think!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jones Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography}

Is anyone else missing the beautiful weather we had last weekend? I was so excited for this family session for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the beautiful sunshine. The sun is not always a photographer's best friend, but we managed some great pictures. All in all, it was a great day to hang out at the park, play on the merry-go-round (I haven't seen one of those in a LONG time!), and just spend time with the family! I hope these pretty ladies enjoyed their day, despite being bossed around by the lady with the camera. ;-)

Personally, I think I'd put this one on the wall. ;-)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Leah Bee {Idaho Falls Newborn Photography}

Isn't that the most darling name? I love it, and I love even more that both names are from her sweet! I was SO excited to meet this little lady, as her mama and big sister have been coming around for quite awhile. This is Miss Elizabeth's baby sister.

Leah was NOT interested in sleeping away our session, so we got a lot of open, curious eyes and  only about 2 minutes of sleepy babe. The only thing this proves is that I need to practice hiding my crazy-lady side! :-) She was a sweetheart nonetheless, and I hope her family will enjoy what we got from our efforts. I know there are a LOT of people waiting to meet Miss Leah, so I'm very excited and proud to be able to give a bit more of a preview of the little lady.

And...we're done. :-) 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaili & Justin - Part 1 {Idaho Falls Engagement Photography}

For those of you who have been around our blog for awhile, this gorgeous couple will be a bit familiar. Kaili and Justin have been making appearances on the blog since 2009, and I like to tease them that they are my mascots. I was really excited when they announced their engagement (!!!) and asked me to do another photo session.

We braved some nasty weather that day in hopes of getting a little drama out of the rain clouds. Luckily we brought our own drama in the form of Kaili's sister, Aubrey, because we barely got a sprinkle! Unfortunately, we had plenty of wind and it was FREEZING! They toughed it out and we got some really great images out of the session. Congratulations, Kaili & Justin!