Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2014 KMP Senior Reps {Idaho Falls Blackfoot Shelley Senior Photographer}

I am so excited to introduce to you the 2014 KMP Senior Reps! These girls are so amazing, it has been an incredible experience to work with them and to get to know them. Beyond having found five incredible girls to model for me, I feel as if I've found five new friends.

Our session started out a little quiet, everyone feeling a little shy. I spent some time with each of the girls individually as the others were waiting for makeup, and it was nice to be able to get to know each of them a little more.

By the time we busted out the paint, I think the girls were starting  to feel more comfortable. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Meet Griselda, Madison, Brylee, Aubrey and Julia.

**Special thanks go out to Whitney Pond, our amazing makeup artist for this session. Thanks Whitney!**


Monday, September 23, 2013

Trinity - Cake Smash {Idaho Falls Children Photographer}

I can't believe how fast these little ones grow up! Trinity came to see me the first time when she was 6 months old, and she's already getting ready to celebrate her first birthday. At every session since she was a newborn, Trinity's mama has brought along her teddy bear. And when I say teddy bear...I mean TEDDY bear. :) It's fun to see how much bigger this little sweetheart is in relation to her giant stuffed friend.

Trinity's cake smash was fun to watch. She wasn't terribly interested in eating it, but she sure excavated a good sized hole in the side! Happy birthday, Trinity!


Tes - 4 Months {Idaho Falls Children Photographer}

This little lady was such a sweetheart during her session. She was a little nervous and shy, but she still gave me some sweet smiles. She was far more comfortable when Mommy was holding her, so we improvised and added Mommy to the shoot. I don't think she was quite prepared for that, but I think these two girls look absolutely beautiful!


Lilya Family {Idaho Falls Blackfoot Family Photographer}

My sister and her family are back in the spotlight! :) I've been taking their family photos since Sayer was a little man, and it's awesome to be able to play with them and tease them like only family can do. ;) Sari and Sayer are so full of energy that it's crazy each time we do a session, but when we end up with shots like this it's so worth the effort! 


Preston - 4 Months {Idaho Falls Blackfoot Children Photographer}

 This handsome little guy is growing up so fast! He's one of the most smiley babies I've hung out with in a long time. All it takes is some goofy baby talk and he lights right up. Take a look at Preston!