Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adams Family {Idaho Falls Family Portrait Photographer}

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is for me to take this family's photos. This is the fourth year in a row that they have asked me to do it. When the kids see me now, they say "Hey Kandice!" and give me high fives. They are wide open to my bribery and willing to do what I ask (within reason, they ARE still kids, ha!).

I am also pretty lucky to have this awesome family for neighbors. I have had the privilege of participating in some pretty major fundraising efforts ever since Lot and Alayna found out this past January that Lot was in full kidney failure. A bum knee took them to the clinic and literally saved his life. It has been such an amazing thing for me to do whatever is in my power (not much!) to help them fight this battle. Lot is now on the waiting list for a kidney, and many family members are in the process of being tested for a match. They could get "the call" any day now, or it could be months or even years. They have remained so completely strong and faithful through this trying time that they have been an amazing example to me! I am looking forward to many, many more years of being their family photographer!

If you would like to help us in our fundraising efforts, donations of any size may be made here. LOT MATTERS We have raised approximately $18,000 since February. The out-of-pocket cost of the transplant alone will be $50,000. That doesn't even touch the cost of dialysis between now and then, and the medications he'll take after the transplant. Every little bit helps!

In an effort to help pay for their growing medical costs, Alayna has set up a Facebook page to sell some of her awesome crafty talent. It's just getting off the ground now, but more items will be added all the time. Help them out by liking the Facebook page so you'll see future updates, and share it on your wall to spread the word! Chloe's Closet

Take a look at the Adams family and their SUPER transformation...from an ordinary American family to SUPERS! :)


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