Saturday, February 25, 2012

Featured by...

I can't wait to share with you our latest good news...Kandice McDermott Photography has been featured! :-) In blogland, having your blog featured is kind of a Holy Grail, and it's a great way to get exposure for new blogs. Well, today we've been featured on one of my favorite crafty blogs!

Do you remember Tricia? You might recall my mentioning her blog, Made by Me. Shared with You. Well, Tricia has done a makeover on her blog, and it looks fantastic! Head over today to see all the changes she's made, and to hear about her session with yours truly! Thanks, Tricia, for the feature!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Spring is definitely in the air, and many of you are taking advantage of it by scheduling portrait sessions. Yay! March is quickly filling up, and I am nearing the time to take maternity leave before my 4th munchkin makes his appearance...Double-Yay! So it's time to take care of some housekeeping.

Maternity Leave
I will not be scheduling any sessions from April 15 through approximately May 25. I may extend or shorten my leave, depending on how quickly Baby Boy arrives and when I'm ready to start working again. If you have need of portraits of any kind before April 15, please schedule them now!

Easter is on April 8 this year. Is anyone interested in some Easter Mini-Sessions for the kiddos? This is a great opportunity to get some new portraits of the kids in their Easter outfits (or just in any nice outfit) to share with all the family. Sessions are $35, include 8-10 images, using 1 outfit and 1-2 backdrops, and you get the images with full copyright release on a disc. So, is anyone interested? These will be done in March to give plenty of time before Easter. Please call, text, email, or Facebook me as soon as possible if you would like to set up a time!

Don't forget, we can do so many other types of portraits as well.

Family photos

Kids' Birthday Portraits


Cake Smash

Pre-Dance Portraits
High School Seniors

Hot Mama!

-The school year will be winding down soon, so there are only a few more weeks for High School Seniors to have their portraits taken before the end of the year. 
-Are you in need of a Girls' Night Out? Gather the girls, get all dressed up, and come do a Hot Mama! session with you and your besties! We have discounts for groups larger than 6!

So if you're thinking you need portraits of any kind, either before April 15 or after May 25, please schedule soon as available dates fill up quickly! Check back next week for another Hot Mama! session!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Tricia-Hot Mama! {Idaho Falls Portrait Photography}

Those of you who receive my Facebook updates may remember me mentioning a Hot Mama! session last weekend. These are always a lot of fun. I get to spend some time with awesome, super-talented women who have just as many self-esteem issues as I do when in front of the camera! It's always fun to talk them out of their discomfort and try to make them feel beautiful.

Tricia was no exception. Tricia is a blogger, and you can see some of her awesome talents at her blog, Leafy Treetop Spot. I'm super excited to see which of her Hot new images ends up on her blog! Take a look at Tricia...then go call your girlfriends and set up a Hot Mama session for yourselves!



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project 12

Last year I participated in a project with MCP Actions called Project 52. Each week a theme was announced, and it was our job to take a photograph during that week to match the theme. This year's project is monthly, and as you may guess, this month's theme is "Love". An alternate theme for this month is "Leap". As soon as I read that my mind jumped to this image.

After all, that was quite a leap! And it was done out of does that give me two points? ;-) Check out MCP's Project 12 for some really fun images!


Lilya Family - {Blackfoot Family Photography}

You may remember (if you've been around awhile) my little sister's family making an appearance on the blog back in October. The timing for that session was limited and we didn't get nearly as much as we would have liked. When she called to book a session for Sari's birthday, we decided to do a few more family shots as well.

Most people prefer to do family portraits in the summer and fall when the weather and landscape are gorgeous. Admittedly, it does make some things easier. But it was certainly fun to find a way to bring some color into the photos without the help of the landscape, and to see how quickly we could work before the little ones froze. These limitations led us to use some creativity, and certainly made the session more fun!

This is a classic Sari move. :-) One day she'll sit still for photos...and they'll miss this!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sari {Blackfoot Child Photography}

Most moms you know probably dread the 2 year old stage...Terrible Twos!! I am not much different when it comes to my own kids at home, but I happen to LOVE photographing 2 year old kids. It's different every time. Some are too shy, some are too busy, others will sit quietly and never move. But every opportunity I have to do a session for a 2 year old, I come away laughing. And every time we manage to get some really great shots. No, they are generally not nicely posed, perfect smiles, etc. But they do one thing those "perfect" shots don't do...they show the personality of the child at that age perfectly. And that's one of my favorite things about my job.

Sari was no different. She was far too interested in the toys around her or the movie we put on in an attempt to keep her in the room. Basically, she was interested in anything other than her auntie behind the camera. And she is certainly a child of the 21st century...perfectly content with a video game in her hands. :-) So take a look at some of the goofy, grumpy, and mischievous moods of Miss Sari!


Sari's big brother, Sayer, tried to show her how it was done. :-)
Football, anyone?