Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project 12

Last year I participated in a project with MCP Actions called Project 52. Each week a theme was announced, and it was our job to take a photograph during that week to match the theme. This year's project is monthly, and as you may guess, this month's theme is "Love". An alternate theme for this month is "Leap". As soon as I read that my mind jumped to this image.

After all, that was quite a leap! And it was done out of does that give me two points? ;-) Check out MCP's Project 12 for some really fun images!



Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you SHOULD get two points for using both themes in one picture. Plus about a million points for capturing every parent's experience of lost balloons!

Melinda Green Harvey
Project 12 Team Leader

Hirsita Dixit said...
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