Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lilya Family - {Blackfoot Family Photography}

You may remember (if you've been around awhile) my little sister's family making an appearance on the blog back in October. The timing for that session was limited and we didn't get nearly as much as we would have liked. When she called to book a session for Sari's birthday, we decided to do a few more family shots as well.

Most people prefer to do family portraits in the summer and fall when the weather and landscape are gorgeous. Admittedly, it does make some things easier. But it was certainly fun to find a way to bring some color into the photos without the help of the landscape, and to see how quickly we could work before the little ones froze. These limitations led us to use some creativity, and certainly made the session more fun!

This is a classic Sari move. :-) One day she'll sit still for photos...and they'll miss this!


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