Hot Mamas!

What's a Hot Mama, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Hot Mamas is an opportunity for every day moms/wives to step out of their grubby, grimy, spit-up-covered, baggy, boring clothes, and into something unique and totally "you". It's a chance for every woman to take some time for herself, to feel beautiful again, and {dare I say it?} sexy!

I encourage every woman to do something for herself once in awhile, to make herself feel special again, and to make the man in her life fall in love all over again! Go shopping for a hot new outfit (even if you're shopping the back of your closet, or that of a friend!), find some sexy, fun new heels, and let's do it!

The Hot Mama portrait session is for women over 25 (give or take), who are married and/or have kids, or not. It is an opportunity for women to take some time out for themselves and feel beautiful again. I don't know about you, but after a day of taking care of our three munchkins, the last thing I feel at the end of the day is beautiful. Or at the start of the day, for that matter.

The Hot Mama package includes a photo session of up to 1 hour, a cd of images including the copyright release, an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit, and an hour of luxurious selfishness. Too shy to come on your own? Gather a group of Hot Mamas and we'll throw in some fun and fabulous group shots as well! I can promise, you won't regret it!

Hot Mamas session: $60
Contact us for a special discount on groups of more than 6 Hot Mamas!