Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adams Family

Those of you who get our Facebook posts may remember my excitement a few weeks ago about a new location I wanted to try for a family session. The Adams family was quick to jump on my offer and they were willing to travel a bit to get to my "secret" spot. :-) Just look how beautiful the view is! And the gorgeous family in front certainly didn't hurt anything!

The Adams' were one of the first families to hire me after I started this crazy little adventure, and you can see their last session here.  I was so glad they were willing to call me again, and I love seeing the changes in the kids! Last time, Drake didn't want to have anything to do with me or my camera; this time, however, he already knew me and was hamming it up most of the time. I must admit, however, that I had to promise him a treat to get this last shot, after he had decided he was done with the whole thing. :-) Chloe still didn't want to have anything to do with me, so we didn't get any smiles out of her...but we sure got to see those sweet little cheeks up close a few times!

Enjoy the most recent session with the Adams family! (PS: You'll never believe it, but Alayna MADE all their awesome shorts for this session! She's amazing!)

And for grins...take a look at what happens when Dad gets mischievous. :-)

A Bit of Whimsy - Love That Shot!

Time for another photo challenge over at Love That Shot! I'm really enjoying finding something in my archives to fit each category. I don't know if it would be easier or more difficult to just take a new photo each day to fit in the category, but it's definitely difficult at times to find one I've already taken. This time I was really thinking and wondering if I'd have to actually go take a new photo when I had an "a-duh" moment. What better photos to fit the whimsy category than those from this session with Kaili and Justin and our make-believe theme?

I decided to rework this particular image...it didn't get as much love last time, and as the ladies at Love That Shot! were providing a sample of some of their textures particularly for this challenge, I decided to give them a go. I actually used two of their textures for this photo: pink peonies, and I HAD to try shimmer. :-) I was pretty light with both textures...something entirely out of the norm for me.

Okay, enough from me. Here's my entry for A Bit of Whimsy! If you want to see more of Kaili & Justin's Cinderella-esque photo shoot, follow the link above!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Helton Family

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had with this darling little family! These girls were so much fun and such awesome little models! It helps that their grandma likes to take pictures too..they've had lots of practice! Bailee was my helper and picked all the spots for our pictures...I think she did awesome! Thanks guys, for putting up with a hair-brained, memory card forgetting photographer! I hope you enjoy your new family photos!


I'll leave you with a little bit of fun... Happy Friday!

Home Sweet Home - Love That Shot!

Today's theme at Love That Shot is "Home Sweet Home". Now that our house is on the market and we're hoping to move on, we've sort of started to say goodbye already and detach ourselves from the house itself (as much as possible when we're still living here with no immediate prospects of selling). So for me, what makes this house a home is nothing physical or tangible. But it's sort of difficult to take a photo of something intangible. :-) So I decided to use this photo to represent the time spent in our home, including times like this when we get all our rugrats up to the table for games and candy. These are the things that make this little house home, and they are the times we will remember when we go!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Local Flavor...Love That Shot!

I'm really enjoying the different challenges being offered at Love That Shot! This one sounded fun, and while my immediate thoughts went to downtown, the 4th of July Parade, etc, I decided to use this photo instead. Because really...what is Idaho if not a farming community? Eastern Idaho especially, and this field is not far from Blackfoot, which is the potato capital of the world. So...it seemed fitting! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's always so fun to spend some time behind the camera for someone in the family. It makes it easier to get their attention, like last week's family session where I repeatedly hollered my niece's full name to get her to smile. This session was no different, as this is my littlest lady! She turned one last week, and I've been planning and plotting this session ever since. And let me tell you, being the mom AND the photographer is a lot of work! Not only do I have to plan out backdrops and poses, but outfits and accessories! Whew!

I'm absolutely in love with the results of our session however, and I hope you like them too. (It is quite possible that my satisfaction is highly biased!) Take a look at our newly-turned 1-year-old and her cake smashing, water splashing, waving, clapping fun!

Last but not least...this is one of my favorite shots of Brianna. When my oldest daughter was this age, I was just getting into photography again, and I took a photo similar to this that I have always been super proud of. I loved the close-up view of her squishy little cheeks and her gorgeous brown eyes...she was even wearing a floppy pink hat. :-) So when I saw this on the computer, I knew it was going in a frame. 

Here comes the dilemma. I think this pink backdrop is a bit strong for a lot of photos. It's just so super dark. So I tried one of my favorite editing actions and LOVED the results. Only problem? Now I can't decide which one I like best. So take a look, then take a second to tell me which version you like best in the poll at the end. The one on the left is the original with strong, saturated colors. The photo on the right is my edited version with a bit softer colors. Thanks for stopping by!