Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Angelina {Idaho Falls Newborn Photography}

This pretty little lady is the third baby girl to join her family, and boy do her big sisters love her! I learned a few things about Angelina in our session (or Annie, as her mama plans to call her!): she LOVES her binky, she does not like to lie on her tummy, she likes to stretch out her sweet little legs, and she likes to sleep with her fist near her face...especially when there is a camera nearby. :-) 

Annie did grace us with a bit of a smile near the end, so I'd call that a success.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Caiden {Idaho Falls Newborn Photography}

I enjoyed this session so much! Caiden was by far my best sleeper took him awhile to get comfortable enough to snooze, but when he did...he was out! He had the most beautiful skin I've ever seen on a new baby (which probably explains the abundance of close up images!). Toward the end, we decided to try our luck one more time, and wrangled the little man into the yellow cocoon. It didn't phase him a bit...the last image makes me smile every time. :-) 

Welcome to the world, little Caiden!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Walk

I love the many opportunities the Internet offers for "meeting" other photographers. One website I have come to enjoy is Love That Shot. They recently held a worldwide Photo Walk, encouraging everyone to get out and take a photo of their adventures. It happened to take place on my daughter's 2nd birthday, so we went to the zoo!  

It was incredible to watch these awesome birds swim, dive for fish, and fight over their catch. :-) They are HUGE birds, and the way their bills open up is incredible, and almost lighting fast. I couldn't ever get a good enough look at it until I caught it with the camera so I could "pause" the action for a minute. So cool! (And yes, a teeny bit creepy too!)

If you enjoy photography, I would encourage you to take your own Photo Walk! Take your camera (even if it's just your phone!) and go for a walk or drive around your neighborhood or hometown, and see what catches your eye! 



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kaiden {Idaho Falls Child Photography}

This little man was so much fun to chase around! :-) Kaiden is a miniature version of Dennis the Menace, and I can only imagine how busy he's going to have his mom when he gets a little older! We got a lot of shots of him running away from us, many, many candid action shots while he ignored us and played the day away, and lots of great images if him and his mommy. And when I needed a break from chasing this unstoppable toddler, I made his mama sit still or a few minutes. ;-)

Take a look at Kaiden and his pretty mama!




Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Partridge Kids {Idaho Falls Child Photography}

I love return clients...especially children! It's so much fun to see how much they grow and change from one session to the next. You might recognize Samantha and Ben from their family portraits last summer, and Jacob from his newborn session in April. Can you believe how big he's gotten?!

They came to visit me on Ben's birthday, and boy was he having a good day! He hammed it up from the moment the camera came out and kept going until we had to send him off to play so we could spend some time with Jacob! Samantha? Not so much. :-) We were lucky to get a few out of that shy little lady. And Jacob. Well, let's just say that the frequent smiles his mama mentioned did not want to come out to play. And boy did Mom work hard to get one! 

Take a look at these sweet siblings!