Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Walk

I love the many opportunities the Internet offers for "meeting" other photographers. One website I have come to enjoy is Love That Shot. They recently held a worldwide Photo Walk, encouraging everyone to get out and take a photo of their adventures. It happened to take place on my daughter's 2nd birthday, so we went to the zoo!  

It was incredible to watch these awesome birds swim, dive for fish, and fight over their catch. :-) They are HUGE birds, and the way their bills open up is incredible, and almost lighting fast. I couldn't ever get a good enough look at it until I caught it with the camera so I could "pause" the action for a minute. So cool! (And yes, a teeny bit creepy too!)

If you enjoy photography, I would encourage you to take your own Photo Walk! Take your camera (even if it's just your phone!) and go for a walk or drive around your neighborhood or hometown, and see what catches your eye! 



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