Monday, July 11, 2011

Partridge Family

 When I am preparing for a family photo shoot with a new family, I like to take a few minutes to find out what that family enjoys doing together. I then try to tailor the photo shoot to match the family's personality. When I was plotting with Eliza for this session, she mentioned her hubs hobby of kayaking and thought it would be fun to take the kayak out for the session, and thought we would be able to get one with the whole family in the kayak. I'm always happy when my clients have their own ideas for the session, so we set a date and made plans to do it.

Then came time to actually use the kayak in the photos. The kids were loaded up. Check. Then I asked Shaun, "Can we get the whole family in now?" Say what? Oops, guess we forgot to consult with the hubs before. :-) Thanks for being such a good sport, Shaun! I think it turned out perfect!

I hope you enjoy a look at the Partridge family on this beautiful, sunny, windy Idaho day!



Oh, and did you notice Eliza's sweet headband? Yeah, she made that. And we sort of sent it to a watery grave. :-] At least we were almost done before it went swimming! 

Thanks for looking!


Val said... i have never seen the use of just a plain picture frame like that, but those are my absolute favs!! wow, those are all winners, seriously! wow, really really love these.

Jolene said...

Awesome work! These are all keepers. You've made me think though. What would be the match for the Eborn family's personality for a photo shoot? The answers that I am coming up with are scaring me! I'm thinking it's time to go find a family personality!