Monday, July 18, 2011

I Heart Faces!

Those of you who have been around the blog for awhile know my love of photo challenges. :-) This week I'm entering a photo into a challenge at I Heart Faces. Isn't that a great title? The theme for this week's challenge is "props", and as with every challenge at this blog, a face must be seen in the photo. Fun!

This is a really tough choice for me...I LOVE props! It was super hard to decide which one to enter. I've decided to go ahead and enter one of the portraits of my own Brianna for her first birthday, because I LOVED these photos, but also because it was one of my own ideas that I haven't seen elsewhere (the lollipop, anyway). Now, that's not to say it hasn't been done before, which I'm sure it has, but I haven't seen any so I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of it! :-) And I have to send out a big thanks to Grandma McD for giving my 1-year old a giant lollipop for her birthday! I Heart Faces!