Monday, August 22, 2011

{Camille} Hot Mama!

Welcome to our first Hot Mama post! While I love taking portraits of just about anyone, anytime, anywhere, I have been thinking lately of some fun new ideas for the blog and the business. One thing that I have decided to start offering is a portrait session called "Hot Mama".

The Hot Mama portrait session is for women over 25 (give or take), who are married and/or have kids, or not. It is an opportunity for women to take some time out for themselves and feel beautiful again. I don't know about you, but after a day of taking care of our three munchkins, the last thing I feel at the end of the day is beautiful. Or at the start of the day, for that matter. The Hot Mama portrait package includes up to one hour on location, a disc of images with copyright release, and a good excuse to go shopping for a new outfit. :-) Finally, when it is all done, women can look at photos of themselves and realize that they are still beautiful.

You may remember Camille and her family. This idea for Hot Mamas had been brewing for awhile before I did Camille's session, so when I asked if any of them would want some extra shots to be part of launching Hot Mamas, Camille and her mom, Connie, both jumped. Today I'd like to share a few more images of Camille (talk about Hot Mama!) and tomorrow Connie will be up.

If you think you may be interested in a Hot Mama portrait session, please contact me for more information or see the new Hot Mama page. Here's Camille!



Thanks for being willing, Camille! Now, who wants to feel like a Hot Mama?!

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