Friday, February 28, 2014

Carmen - A Simple Texture {Idaho Falls Contemporary Glamour Photographer}

Most of my photo recipes to this point have been pretty complex, with multiple textures and veils. I kinda like to go hog wild when I have been given a little creative license. ;) This month I wanted to use my recipe to show you that veils can be a super simple and fast solution to a badly colored image.

This image of Carmen from our Contemporary Glamour Shoot Out was one of my favorites from the whole day. I love the clean, creamy look of it with her gorgeous red hair giving the image a little "pop". But if you look at the original (top) image, you can see that it has a bit of a dirty, gray cast to it. That odd color cast was a bugger to get rid of, and the only way I was able to manage it was with the use of a photo veil from Love That Shot's Otherworld Collection. I placed the veil with a Screen blending mode at 32% opacity. I LOVE the creamy color it gave the image, making everything look more like it does to the natural eye. As a little bonus, it even eliminated a bit of the shadow on her face!

What do you think? It's a subtle change, but sometimes the little things make all the difference! If you're looking for a quick and easy editing technique to add some character and polish to your image, head over to Love That Shot and take a look at their photo textures and veils, as well as their awesome workshops!


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