Thursday, July 12, 2012

Price Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography}

As a photographer, the learning never ends. Not only is there an endless amount of information we can learn to improve our skills, but new technology comes out all the time. This session was really exciting for me, as it was the first session I decided to shoot in RAW format. If you're not a photographer, this means nothing to you. I'll just say that it really improves the final product, and makes for much more successful editing.

I'm in love with the results of this session, both because of the success of my new experiment, and because this is one of the funnest families I know! The Price family came ready to go, except for Gabe...he wasn't sure who he wanted to be that day. ;-) Those who know Gabe will understand the conflict. So, while he was working on that, Brinley and I had a great time getting the camera warmed up. I've decided that her sweet freckles just BEG for black and white. ;-)

Take a look at this happy, smiling family!




Jessica said...

very cute! Love the black and white!

Jolene said...

Oh my! I am loving these! I'm crazy about this crew. You're just, plain awesome!