Friday, April 1, 2011


I love having a big family...any time I'm in need of some serious camera time, I just have to call one of my sisters (or sisters-in-law) and *BAM* - instant subjects. Today was a great day. My sister came up with her two kiddos and we took pictures of all our kids. First we're going to have a look at Sari...she turned one in February, and she's getting big so fast!

*We started pretty early this morning, so our light wasn't the best at times. Unfortunately, her face is a bit dark in some of these, but I love them anyway!*

These next two are the same photo. The second has texture, and I can't decide which I like better, so I need your help!

Without texture:
With texture:

And one last one...awww...Sari and her cousin Brianna.

Stay tuned for a couple more posts in the next several days...we took a lot of pictures!


Val said...

Some more cuteness! Nice work! And I really really like the texture pic.

Jake and Amy said...

Hey...that baby's pretty cute ;) Fantastic job!!!! Love 'em!!!!