Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Please? | A Photo Recipe {Idaho Falls Photographer}

Has anyone seen spring? It was here for a minute, then it ran away and left a fresh six inches of snow in it's wake! Sheesh! I've been missing the fresh, warm air of spring so I busted out some images from a hike we took last spring. I love photographing all the tiny little wild flowers when we're in the mountains. They are so tiny that it's easy to overlook them, but when you get closer and study them you'll find that they are gorgeous and so intricately detailed. It's fascinating!

I decided to have some fun today with this image, giving it a lot of texture to help the flowers pop. I used Kupukupu (Kalani Collection, Overlay, 27%), Bells of Ireland (Botanical Collection, Soft Light, 87%), Pomegranate (Botanical Collection, Soft Light, 22%), & Makawao (Kalani Collection, Color Dodge, 32%). I told you I was having fun. ;) What do you think? Too much? Not enough? Here's to wishing spring back!

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