Saturday, July 27, 2013

Men's Fashion - Potato Patch Shoot Out {Idaho Falls Pocatello Portrait Photographer}

We are lucky to have several groups in this area for photographers to collaborate and work together. I belong to several of these groups, one of which is called The Potato Patch. This group frequently organizes shoot outs with different themes and models, and allows many of us a chance to be a bit more creative in our shooting and editing, as well as practicing some of the more difficult techniques we face. 

This shoot out was intended to give us all more experience posing men. Most photographers agree that women are far easier to pose than men, and having a little extra practice with four amazing models will go a long way to help us provide a better service to our clients.

I love the creative freedom that comes from these shoot outs! I am generally pretty consistent in my editing for clients, but it's fun to play with new techniques and ideas with these images. Big thanks goes out to Catherine Auger for organizing this rather large shoot out, and to our models, Carson, Shawn (who you may remember from our February shoot out "Love in a Laundromat"), Zach and Ryley. 

Enjoy! :)





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