Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jennifer and Company - Hot Mamas {Idaho Falls Salt Lake City Hot Mama Womens Portrait Photographer}

One of the most exciting sessions for me to do is a Hot Mama session. It's fun to take women who are clearly uncomfortable and not at all sure of their own beauty; to spend a couple hours telling them that they are gorgeous, helping them to be more comfortable, and ultimately proving to them that they ARE beautiful.

This session was the last of my busy day of session in Salt Lake City last month. We started at a Harley dealership that was seriously so awesome. From the freeway it looks like a total dive, but up close it has the most awesome variety of textures and colors. We got there a little late to enjoy the bikes for more than a few seconds (they were literally driving them away as we took photos), but the few we did get were awesome.

After the dealership we headed to Utah Lake to enjoy the sunset. So pretty! Someone was even considerate enough to leave us a fun chair. ;) Take a look at these beautiful women! PS: If it seems that I'm a little biased toward a couple of the, it's true. The first image is of my big sister,  Jennifer; the second image is my gorgeous (AND YOUNG) niece Katie. Love them! :)






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