Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love in a Laundromat {Idaho Falls Couples Engagement Concept Photography}

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to participate in a group shoot out with seven other photographers. It was an incredible experience! There is so much talent in this area, and it's always awesome to work with others and gain from their experience. The theme for this particular shoot out was Love in a Laundromat. With so many photographers, we needed two couples to keep us all busy. We decided to have one real couple and one model couple. 

Shawn & Stephanie 
Shawn and Stephanie are both models, and had not actually met each other prior to this shoot out. The ladies in my group were all somewhat giddy as we worked with these was like being a fly on the wall during a first date. A really good first date. These two either have incredible acting skills, or we were witness to some actual chemistry. Shawn even managed to score Stephanie's phone number...with a little help from four very enthusiastic photographers. ;-)

Jake and Jordan:
Jake and Jordan were our real couple...they've been married for a couple of years. It was a fun switch from our "fake" couple; we got a lot more intimacy from these two. And the colors...aah! The colors were so much fun, they added a great pop to the otherwise drab background.


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