Friday, September 30, 2011

Clayton Family {Idaho Falls Family Photography}

Okay, so here's the thing. When I do a family photo shoot, I often live that photo shoot for days before and all through the day of. By the time we're done, I have to put the results aside for a few days before I crack into the sorting, editing, and finishing process. With the Clayton family, I felt the same need to step back from all the work before diving in; and yet...several times through the days of "taking a break" I had to come scan through the photos, just to make sure they were still there. This was one of those sessions that has me going "Wow."

The Claytons were a blast to work with, and how cute are these kids?? Hannah is a model-in-training, and boy can she knock your socks off! Gabe has the best smile and was really getting into it with lots of great photo op ideas, while Colton was living up to his debonair outfit and was no smiles but ALL cute.

So now, after many hours of sorting through the TONS of photos we got from this session...I'm still not done. :-) But I couldn't wait to share some of these fabulous shots with everyone, Heather especially. Don't be surprised if I come back in a few days with a second post after I've uncovered dozens more fabulous photos.

We picked a great spot and time for this session, and the colors were gorgeous. Unfortunately, by the time we got set up and ready the sun was too high and hot, so a lot of the outdoorsy shots are pretty bright and squinty. Thank goodness for our second location! Here they are, the Clayton family!










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Aubrey Holt said...

Love love love all of these!!! Absolutely love the one with Colton at the door! And boy Hannah!!! What a doll!! :) you are awesome kandice!!!
-Aubrey Holt :)