Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Texture...

I found these fabulous new vintage textures from the Kim Klassen Cafe, and I just had to try them with this portrait of Kaili and Justin - it just might be my favorite!



I've linked the photo up at KKC for her Texture Tuesdays, even though I'm a little late. For those of you with Photoshop who enjoy textures, I used her WarmSun texture. Tell me...which one do you like best?



Anonymous said...

I love the texture, but only have one suggestion, i would lower the ocpacity on it so its not so harsh, so that it blends a little better with the color of the photo! It looks great though! :)

Kathy Mc said...

My vote goes to the textured one. I love it! It really gives the shot a lot of depth and a rustic look.