Friday, March 4, 2011

Brianna, Opinions, and Project 52

I've decided to take Brianna's 9-month photo shoot in stages. A few shots here and a few shots there may lead to a happier baby, and a much happier mama! These are the first photos we've taken in a long time (bad mama!) and I only got about five minutes before time was up.

Here's where I need you. Tell me what you think about this particular backdrop. Too bright? Too pink? Perfect? Do you love bright bold colors or are you more interested in muted tones?

 I've decided this photo (below) will be my entry for this week into the Project 52 Challenge. The theme for this week is "Express Yourself", which is wide open to interpretation. But I'm completely enamored these days with my little lady and the ways she expresses herself to us, without words.

Here are some black and white versions to help you decide. Are your eyes stinging from the pink? :-) I'd love to hear what you think! Happy Friday!


Jake and Amy said...

LOVE the pink and purple combo!

Jolene said...

Your subject is ridiculously cute! Love that girl! And you know me...go bright or go home! Pink is my favorite color.
I checked my color wheel for colors that compliment this pink. It says aqua/turquoise is the complimentary color. Add lime green for split complimentary. Or just use orange/orange yellow to warm it up. Purples for cool (which it appears you have already used beautifully). Hope that gives you some more ideas to try.

Val said...

Um, hello serious cutie! I think (just my opinion) the pink is exciting, and the black and white are classic. I agree with Jolene, the purple is nice with the pink. I also love the eye contact and non-eye contact that you captured. It shows off the different cute angles of your babe's face. Sorry, I don't think I really gave the feedback that you were looking for. But dang, she's cute!

Kandice said...

Thanks for the input! I was nervous with the pink at first, but the more I look at it the more I love it! Jolene, funny story: when I bought this pink, I bought it along with a bright turquoise backdrop! Yay!

Thanks for your opinions...the pink stays! Anyone else have a say??

Carol said...

I LOVE the pink background!